Cannon Blast Game


Description:Help Pirate Pete defeat the invading Armada by firing cannon balls and sinking all the enemy ships....Game InstructionsPlay as Pete, the pirate and destroy the invaders to secure your ship. When Pete is near a cannon a white ring will appear below the cannon to indicate that you can control and fire that cannon. If you let the ships sail across too far then they will fire back at you and cause your ship some damage and eventually to sink. Check your damage by the number of skulls and crossbones that are red at the bottom. 8 hits and Pete"s ship will sink and it"s game over. Look out for the treasure chests that bob up after you sink a ship - hit these to repair some of the damage to Pete"s ship. Controls: Move Left - Left Arrow Key Move Right - Right Arrow Key Turn Turret Upwards - Up Arrow Key Turn Turret Downwards - Down Arrow Key Fire Cannon Balls - Space Bar

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