Trapped In A Well Game


Description:Survive as long as you can, trapped in a deep well, eating the sea gulls by hunting them down....Game Instructions:While exploring a desolated island accidentally you fell into a deep well. Unfortunately you don"t have anything to climb up with, so you have to stay there hoping that somebody will rescue you. But while you wait you have to eat so that you can survive. The only food you can find are the sea gulls flying over the well. Throw rocks at the sea gulls and get them to fall inside the well so that you can eat them. Use your Mouse to aim the rocks at the delicious sea gulls and Left Click to knock them down. The hunger bar on the left bottom gets refreshed every time you eat a seagull. Hint: Throw the stones at an angle towards the sea gulls before they reach the well so that they will fall inside the well.

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